Health tech devices that are changing healthcare and wellness for the better

| June 15, 2016

Health technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds over the last two to three decades. Buoyed by the same technological era that brought us the Smartphone, healthcare gadgets are quickly becoming important personal devices. As health technology gets better, we are seeing new health devices with more advanced features, far more accurate sensors and improved interconnectivity.

Health tech devices that are changing healthcare and wellness for the better. We have divided them into seven categories based on their function and technology. The categories include:

  • Health sensors (wearable and non-wearable) – these are devices equipped with sensors that can measure a number body vitals. Some sensors only measure one thing such as heart rate but increasingly, health sensors are multi-purpose meaning that they can take a variety of readings from heart rate to blood pressure to oxygen levels.
  • Testing devices – these devices bring the laboratory directly to the consumer. Most testing devices require a drop of blood to perform a range of tests from glucose level to testosterone. Others need a swab or a saliva sample.
  • Fitness trackers (wearable and non-wearable) – These are perhaps the most common of health tech devices with wearable activity trackers being especially popular. Fitness trackers use a variety of sensors to analyze heart rate, measure workout intensity and determine the amount of calories burned.
  • Environmental sensors – health is not just about what you do or what you eat, it is also in the environment you live in. There are specific gadgets to measure the quality of your environment in regards to things like pollutants, humidity, light and noise. These gadgets are perfect for your home, office or for carrying with you when travelling.
  • Dietary gadgets – seeing its huge importance in human health, food has gotten its fare share of tech devices. In this category, we feature several notable gadgets that are changing what and how we eat, and of course drink.
  • Sleep sensors – sleep is just as important as diet in our health. There is no shortage of gadgets to help us sleep better. Here we feature the most notable ones that help us track and improve sleep quality.
  • General health – there are of course those devices that do not fit in the above categories but are just as important for their health benefits. We feature these devices in the general health category.

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