About Us


Health Cloud Solutions (HCS) is a unique organization comprised of experts from across industries focusing on one goal: to revolutionize the healthcare experience. Our goal is to provide the latest information about technology and the impact on healthcare and patient care.

HCS is focused on sharing information on the growing Cloud Solutions being provided by SaaS (software as a service) companies and Internet of Medical Things) IoMT companies. IoMT includes the multitude of medical devices with all kinds of sensors, resulting in analytics that can change the healthcare ecosystem.

HCS has created a digital healthcare ecosystem where everyone in healthcare can share real life experiences on a business, personal and caring about the patient to provide the best interaction meeting the register of the patient.

While healthcare is often referred to as a singular entity, it is actually made up of a very fragmented assortment of isolated players with limited interaction through inefficient forms of communication. Providing the highest level of patient care requires doctors, patients, payers, labs and pharmacies to have the ability to effortlessly communicate in real time. This is why healthcare needs the ecosystem.

Sharing Cloud Ecosystem

With improved information flow, previously isolated individuals can interact in a meaningful way, exchanging information for mutual benefit. Cooperation between these distinct components promotes sustainable growth as more participants emerge from isolation to embrace the benefits of the ecosystem.

HCS is focused on a digital healthcare ecosystem which is able to harness the collective intelligence of its many participants for the benefit of all. Each participant both contributes and benefits from being connected.