CTO Forum

The CTO Forum connects individuals in the healthcare ecosystem with the Venture Capital community. Our vision is to provide a vehicle for Health System CTOs to discuss their vision and impact of emerging technology on Health Systems infrastructure. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will impact the health infrastructure way beyond our current thinking.

Venture Capital companies are inundated with a plethora of business plans all promising to change the Health Systems of tomorrow.  There are numerous Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things Devices and Cloud solutions being developed by entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Universities, research centers and company visionaries are all trying to develop the next best thing. The Venture Community is always seeking help from CTOs of Health Systems to validate legitimate solutions and the potential impact on their business and infrastructure.

With the proliferation of smart phones, most individuals use them all day while at work. The next Big Data AI & IoT wave will be embedding smart phones and devices into the workflow and having analytical information in their hand to make decisions.

Being involved in the CTO Forum is easy, there are no formal requirements and no time commitment. It is an informal networking opportunity to share information that can help CTOs and Venture Capitalists make better decisions that should have a positive impact for all stake holders.