What is Cloud Computing?

| January 15, 2012

Cloud Computing term is being used everywhere, any IT magazine or IT blog is talking or have talked about the Cloud Technology or the Cloudware.

But WiaWin (what is and what is not) Cloud Computing ?

This is the tags cloud of the cloud computing definition on wikipedia

Then all the Cloud Computing applications/software that feats to this definition will be named as Cloudware.

We can state that: Cloud Computing is a service software architecture/infrastructure system aimed to deliver service to users through web applications on independent platforms.

So what is not?

So any application would be not considered as cloud computing application if it don’t uses internet to store some kind of data neither any web application where we can store information but doesn’t provide any way of recover it, so it hasn’t API (Application Program Interface).

This are the success keys of new Cloud Computing application:

  • Platform and device independent.
  • Available offline.
  • Secure and Personal privacy compliant. The information in “the cloud” should be secure and personal to his owner, just distributed if he allows it.
  • Shareable info to others if desired.
  • Possibility to synchronize it with local data, so data would be persistent everywhere: local and on the cloud.
  • If any of this points is not accomplished, the application can’t be considered as CloudWare

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