An Apple a Day Keeping Doctor Away

| September 17, 2014

An Apple a day keeping doctor away

Today’s story isn’t just about Apple, of course. Other mobile operating systems — even feature phones — have a part to play, but with most medical professionals already opting for an iPad above any other tablet, and with the efficiency and cost savings implicit within use of always-connected mobile devices, Apple’s walled garden may end up being good for you.

The evolution of mobile health solutions is a necessity. Worldwide, there will be over two billion people aged 60 (PDF) or more by 2050, but a shortage of trained medical personnel to look after us all.

In theory, using mobile devices should speed up essential processes, such as: filing and accessing patient records, prescriptions, patient tests and diagnosis. Time for a few stats:

— The total cost of stroke in the US is $43 billion/year. — 36.9 per cent of Americans suffer heart disease, medical care cost $273 billion. — 346 million people worldwide have diabetes, care cost $465 billion in 2011.

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